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Instrumentasi & Monitoring Untuk Pekerjaan Galian Basemen

Seperti layaknya perawatan pasien diruang ICU, dimana pasien dipasangi berbagai instrument untuk memonitor kerja organ tubuh yang dianggap kritis, pada pekerjaan pembuatan/penggalian basemen dalam, beberapa instrument perlu dipasang pada dinding penahan galian, ¬†area serta bangunan disekitar galian dengan maksud untuk … Continue reading

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Led Zeppelin-Going To California

This is my another favourite song.  Frankly speaking, I am a fanatic fan of Led Zeppelin. I like them more than any other rock bands in the era of ’70s – ’80s. I do like Rolling Stones, Queen, Deep Purple, … Continue reading

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Battle of Evermore – Ann & Nancy Wilson

Battle of Evermore is a legendary song by Led Zeppelin. Female vocalist makes this song not as heavy as the original one.

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